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Is masrentacar.com the best way to book a car?

Without any doubt. MÁS Rent a Car gives you the best car rental options for your trip, these are some of the benefits of MÁS Rent a Car:

  • Prepaid and online billing.
  • Real prices.
  • No deposit option in some locations.
  • You decide what rate to book.
  • All reservations include additional drivers free of charge, vehicle protection according to the chosen option, and third party insurance as required by law.
  • No additional cost for driver's age applies.
  • We are located in strategic points of tourism and business travel.
  • Wide variety of vehicles


Is it possible to book a particular car model?

At the moment of making a reservation, you choose the type of vehicle according to the available categories. Each category may have 1 or more models within it. Therefore, it is not possible to book an specific model, since what is booked is the category. If we do not have the category of car you booked, we will give you one of a better category.

Do I need a credit card to book a car?

The online payment methods can be credit or debit card supported by a financial institution, it can be Visa, Mastercard or American Express. Your payment will be made at the end of the reservation process directly on the page. Remember that we have some options to pay month by month without interest, according to your credit card type and payment amount.

When you arrive at the office you can omit the use of credit card with our no deposit option available mainly in beach destinations. We invite you to consult the terms and conditions of this option. In case the no deposit option is not available for the destination you are traveling to, a personalized credit card with more than 1 year of use will be required for a hold or security deposit.


How can I get my VAT invoice?

When you make your reservation online, you must enter your billing information, and you will receive it within 24 to 48 hours in your email.

In case you make a payment at the counter, it will be necessary to request the VAT invoice for this amount at the time of making your payment, leaving your billing information at the counter. You will receive an email with your VAT invoice at the end of your contract within 72 hours. 

In case of doubts or corrections, please contact the customer service area at customer.care@mexrentacar.com

Can I rent a car with a copy of my ID and/or driver's license in Mexico?

It is important to present the documents in physical and valid during your rental period, complying with the requirements that we will share with you below to make your reservation valid:

  • Official ID: INE or Passport.
  • Valid driver's license: It must have more than 1 year of use and in Roman alphabet. In case you do not have a license in roman alphabet, you must present a valid and physical international driver's license.
  • Credit card: It must be personalized in the name of the main driver and cardholder and with more than 1 year of use. It is important to present the card in physical form, since at the moment we do not have contactless or digital card payments.


*In case of applying the no deposit option and complying with its requirements, the credit card will not be necessary.

*In reference to the virtual licenses of CDMX, this will only be accepted in CDMX, for rentals in other states of the Mexican Republic or in the California CBX office, the physical documentation will be requested.


What are the requirements to rent a car in San Diego or CBX if I am a California resident?

The following policy is applicable to all Southern California Residents.

  • Two forms of I.D. with matching names one must have a picture to verify identity (D.L., Passport, State I.D., Costco Card, Name embossed on Credit Card).
  • Two major credit cards under the primary renter’s name. (no prepaid cards accepted).
  • Current proof of insurance at the time of pickup.
  • Current Utility Bill with matching address to the license (can be a digital form of the bill).
  • Mileage limitations and geographical restrictions.
  • A refundable deposit required of $1000.00 USD on top of the rental.

Does the cost of my rental include gasoline?

The rates do not include gasoline. The car must be returned with the same amount of gasoline that was initially provided, this to avoid refueling charges.

We have the service of prepaid gasoline, please ask for the price directly at the counter, as it varies depending on the model of the car. With this service, you receive a full tank of gas, and you can return it empty or in any amount less than it was delivered to you.


Do I need to leave a deposit to rent a car?

By booking directly with MÁS Rent a Car you can rent a car without a deposit, as long as you meet the requirements for this. The no deposit option is only available for reservations made through www.masrentacar.com for the following locations: 

Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Cozumel, La Paz, Loreto, Los Cabos and Puerto Vallarta.

You must present the following documents:

  • Official identification (Passport or INE).
  • Valid driver's license.
  • Arrival flight ticket and departure flight confirmation. 
  • Your reservatio must have CT (Full Coverage), either adding it to the reservation or by choosing our option MÁS Total.

*Not applicable in the following vehicle categories: Premium SUV (Chevrolet Suburban or similar), SUV All Terrain (Jeep Wrangler or similar), Large Van (Toyota Hiace or similar), Intermediate SUV (Kia Sportage or similar), Standard SUV (Nissan X-trail or similar).


Can I book online and pay at the counter on the day of my rental?

No. When booking at www.masrentacar.com it is not possible to reserve and pay your rental over the counter. MÁS Rent a Car is an online prepayment option that allows you to pay in months without interest or completely online, in order to facilitate and speed up your rental process. 

You will only be able to pay at the counter for additional services such as baby seats or vehicle upgrades.


Where to rent a cheap car in Cancun?

MÁS Rent a Car is located at the Cancun International Airport and has the best rates and vehicles for all types of travelers. You can decide between an economic rate that already includes the essentials for your trip or the most complete option that includes all the protections so you don't have to worry about anything during your trip.

What is the best option for car rental in Cancun?

MÁS Rent a Car is the best option to rent a car in Cancun. With a wide variety of vehicles, the best prices and rental option without deposit. Located at the Cancun International Airport in the rental car area and with counters in the 4 terminals of the airport. In addition, we have offices in strategic points of the Mexican Republic and affiliated offices in the world as Mex Rent a Car. 

What should I consider when renting a car?

When renting a car it is important to take into consideration the following aspects:

  • Check if your rate includes car insurance.
  • Know the methods of payment and deposit.
  • Verify the terms and conditions.
  • If you booked through a third party, we highly recommend you to check your reservation voucher and in case of doubts, contact the car rental company directly.
  • Know the amount of the deposit that will be requested as a guarantee.
  • Check the condition of the vehicle upon delivery.
  • Know the car return policies (gasoline, waiting time, etc.).

Which is the best option to rent a car in Guadalajara?

The best option for car rental in Guadalajara is MÁS Rent a Car, can also be located as Mex Rent a Car. You can find us in 3 strategic points of the city, Guadalajara International Airport, Colonia Chapalita and Americas Avenue. We have the best prices and variety of vehicles and we are a 100% Mexican company that seeks to give you the best attention in all our offices.

What do I need to rent a car in Los Cabos?

To rent a car in Los Cabos you need the following documents:

  • Be older than 18 years old
  • valid official ID (INE or passport)
  • Valid driver's license
  • Credit card with more than 1 year of use and personalized.

*In case of applying for the no deposit option, you must present your arrival flight and confirmation of your return flight.

*If your driver's license is not issued in Roman alphabet, it will be necessary to present a valid international driver's license.

Can I rent a car in Guadalajara if I am under 25 years old?

Certainly! You can rent a car with MÁS Rent A Car from the age of 18. Furthermore, we trust you, so if you are between 18 and 25 years old, there won't be any additional underage charges.

Rent & Rates

Where is Mex Rent A Car located?

You can rent a vehicle with MÁS Rent a Car at the following destinations:

Airport offices:

  • Bajio
  • Chetumal
  • Culiacan
  • Cancun
  • Cozumel
  • CDMX (Benito Juarez)
  • CDMX (Felipe Angeles)
  • Guadalajara
  • Hermosillo
  • La Paz
  • Loreto
  • Merida
  • Monterrey
  • Puerto Vallarta
  • Puerto Escondido
  • Queretaro
  • San Jose del Cabo
  • Tuxtla Gutierrez
  • Tijuana 
  • CBX (Cross Border Xpress San Diego)

Offices within the city:

  • Guadalajara Chapalita
  • Guadalajara Americas
  • La Paz Malecon
  • Loreto Downtown
  • CDMX Reforma
  • Playa del Carmen Downtown
  • Playa del Carmen Mayan Palace
  • Tulum
  • CBX (Cross Border Xpress San Diego)

What type of vehicles are offered?

We have a wide range of vehicles to suit all your needs. From an economy car to premium vans, SUV's and VAN's. Models may vary depending on pick up location. You can check some reference models in the "Drive" section.

Can I pick up the car at one location and drop it off in another?

Yes, it is possible to rent the vehicle in one office and return it in another, you only have to pay the "drop off" fee and the cost depends on the pick up and drop off location. In case of returning the vehicle in CDMX it will be necessary to inform in advance to the office where you will pick up your vehicle, since there are some driving limitations within this city and this will help us to improve your rental experience.

Which is the best agency to rent a car in Mexico City?

The best agency to rent a car is MÁS Rent a Car and Mex Rent a Car. You can find us in both, Benito Juarez International airport and Felipe Angeles International airport, as well as near the famous Angel de la Independencia. With a wide variety of vehicles and great prices, you can rent a car from airport or within the city, so you can travel safe around Mexico City and its surroundings.

Benito Juarez International Airport:

Terminal 1 and 2: you can find us after the baggage area, locating us with the logos of MÁS Rent a Car and Mex Rent a Car.

Main Office: Av. Capitán Carlos León s/n, México (Lic. Benito Juárez), Venustiano Carranza, 15620 Mexico City, CDMX

Felipe Angeles International Airport:

Domestic Departure: We are located exiting the baggage area, on the right. You can locate us with the MÁS Rent a Car and Mex Rent a Car logos.


Address: Florencia 36, Juárez, Cuauhtémoc, 06600 Mexico City, CDMX.

You can find us with the Mex Rent a Car logo two blocks from the Angel of Independence, next to the 7 eleven.

Is it better to take taxi or rent a car in Mexico City?

Renting a car is the safest and most comfortable way to travel in Mexico City and its surroundings. Having your time, space and comfort at your disposal is essential to make your trip an experience. Avoid mishaps, unexpected charges, dynamic rates and travel at your own time and where you want.

Which is the best website to rent a car in Monterrey?

The best website to rent a car is www.masrentacar.com which offers online payment and billing, and the best rate options for you to choose the one that suits you best. Whichever option you decide to take, it already includes:

  • Third Party Liability Insurance required by law.
  • Partial or total car protection insurance, depending on the option you select.
  • Unlimited additional drivers at no cost.
  • No cost for minimum age.

Reserve your car at MÁS Rent a Car to get to know Monterrey without limits and with the best service.

How much does it cost to rent a car in Cancun?

The price of a rental car in Cancun may vary according to the season, the type of vehicle, the insurance included and the page where you book. We recommend you to always book in advance and be aware of available promotions. The price at MÁS Rent a Car can vary from $600 MXN per day for an economy car with a partial insurance 10% deductible, to $1,300 per day with a full coverage insurance 0% deductible for a car of the same category. SUVs can range from $1,500 MXN with partial insurance 10% deductible, up to $2,200 MXN with full coverage 0% deductible. However, the price may vary depending on the season in which you are looking to rent a car.

How much does a rental car cost in Guadalajara?

The price depends on the type of car you choose, the duration of your rental, and the season. Depending on the car rental company you choose, on average, you can find cars starting from $400 pesos per day with MÁS Rent A Car.

What do I need to rent a car in Guadalajara?

You only need to have a valid driver's license, an official identification (like your passport), and a personalized credit card. In some MÁS locations, you can rent without a credit card (not applicable in Guadalajara). Check eligible locations, terms, and conditions here.

Which is the cheapest car rental agency in Guadalajara?

MÁS Rent A Car is one of the most affordable and reliable rental services in Guadalajara. We offer low rates with 0% deductible insurance options, no extra charges, or deposits.

Insurances & Add-ons

What insurances and waivers are offered at the time of rental?

If your rental is in Mexico, MÁS Rent a Car offers you 2 options to book:

  • MÁS Essential: This rate includes third party liability insurance, additional drivers free of charge, insurance 10% deductible in case of total theft or collision.
  • MÁS Total: This rate includes third party liability extension, additional drivers at no cost, 0% deductible insurance in case of total theft or collision, roadside assistance, medical expenses per number of occupants and accident protection insurance on tires and glass.

For more detailed information about what these protections include, we invite you to review terms and conditions. MÁS Rent a Car does not apply any age charge.

Is it necessary to include an insurance to rent a car in Mexico?

You decide if you want to add any extra services. When you book with MÁS Rent a Car, all reservations include the liability insurance required by law. In addition to this, MÁS Rent a Car gives you 2 options so that you can decide what best suits your trip. 

Our agents will always recommend you to choose the full protection option so that you will be 100% protected during your rental and in case of any inconvenience, however, these are optional. 

Is my particular insurance effective in case of an accident?

We recommend calling your insurance provider directly for more information or specifications.

Private or third party insurance that offers protection and payment of damages to a rented car will not be included in your contract, since it is an insurance through reimbursement.

When renting a car there are several insurance options according to the protection, benefits offered and cost. These insurances are included in your rental and will be the ones that in case of any damage, accident or theft, will cover the cost of the car directly. However, insurance through reimbursement, since it is not included in your contract, the responsibility falls directly on the tenant. That is to say that in case of damage, accident or theft, the contract holder is responsible for the corresponding payment and subsequently must cover a reimbursement request process directly with the private or third party insurance. On our part, we can provide relevant information to support this process, however the reimbursement and payment will be the full responsibility of the individual or third party. 

We invite you to verify the requirements that your private insurance will need in case of accident, theft or damage. As well as to request more specifications of your insurance and regarding the coverage you will be provided with during your car rental. 

How does FLEX insurance work?

The FLEX insurance is the option of changes and cancellations of MÁS Rent a Car. This insurance gives you the option to make any change or cancellation up to 24 hours before your rental.

In case you need to modify your reservation, there is no extra cost for changes; you will only have to cover the rate leveling if necessary.

The cost of the FLEX insurance depends on the category of vehicle reserved, as well as the number of days of rental. 


What insurance should I take to reserve a car in Guadalajara?

We recommend acquiring the MÁS Total package with a 0% deductible. This package provides you with complete coverage in case of vehicle damage, total theft, civil liability, medical expenses, and roadside assistance. You can purchase it directly on our website or add it at the counter when you arrive.


During My Rental

Why is the exchange rate different from my bank's?

Due to the fluctuation of exchange rates and being an independent company, the exchange rate is stipulated in your contract and according to this the conversion is made for the corresponding charge. However, the charges are applied in Mexican pesos according to this reference in dollars, so if the amount reflected in dollars is different, it corresponds to the value of the exchange rate between your bank and the one stipulated in your contract, however, the amount in Mexican pesos is the same. 

It is important to verify if your issuing bank applies extra charges for foreign transactions, since Mex Rent a Car is not responsible for this type of charges.


Can I drive the vehicle out of the state where I rented it?

Yes, by renting your car within Mexico, you will be able to drive between the different states. If you rent your car outside of Mexico City and wish to drive within Mexico City, please notify us in advance, so we can provide you with a car that complies with Mexico City regulations.

Renting a car in Mexico, you can drive it in the United States with our extended U.S. coverage insurance (USI). If you rent your car in the United States, you are not allowed to cross into Mexico with it. At the moment, it is not allowed to cross into countries south of Mexico.

In the case of California, by renting a car at CBX (Cross Border Xpress), you will be able to drive the vehicle within the states of California, Nevada and Arizona, notifying the office. In case you need to cross the border into Mexico, it is necessary to notify the office, since the conditions for this will depend on the type of vehicle and protections purchased.


After My Rental

What can I do if I still don't see the security deposit reflected in my bank account statement?

After finishing your contract and obtaining your "CHECK OUT" voucher, the approximate time in which you will see the deposit reflected in your account depends on your bank branch and can vary from 7 to 21 business days. 

If the estimated time has already passed, we strongly recommend you to contact an executive of your bank with your reference number that you can identify in your "CHECK OUT" voucher so that they can identify the operation and release your deposit. 

In case of any additional questions or if you do not have your voucher, you can request it at customer.care@mexrentacar.com and one of our executives will send it to you.


How long are forgotten objects stored for?

Our policy is 30 days after finding them. Remember that we are not responsible for forgotten items; however, our protocol indicates that when a forgotten item is found, it must be turned in to the office manager and kept for a maximum of 30 days.

It is important to emphasize that at the time of recovering the object, the costs are borne by the tenant or person responsible for the object. In case you require follow-up regarding forgotten objects, please contact us at  customer.care@mexrentacar.com or call +52 (33) 4624 2114.


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