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Top 5: Most LGBTQ+ Friendly Destinations in Mexico

Sexual diversity is a reality that deserves to be celebrated and made visible. And at MÁS Rent A Car, we continue striving to offer a service that is sensitive to the needs of the LGBTIQ+ community. That's why, in this blog, we will take you through Mexico's best rainbow destinations and show you how renting a car can enhance your experience.

Renting cheap cars with MÁS will give you the freedom of movement and the comfort needed to explore these destinations without constraints. Get ready to discover incredible places while celebrating diversity and love to the fullest.


1. Pride Marches in Mexico City


Mexico City is a city of avant-garde and tolerance, where sexual diversity is respected and celebrated. Every year, this cosmopolitan metropolis becomes the stage for the celebration of love without labels. That's why, next June 29th, pride will take to the iconic streets of Zona Rosa, in a colorful parade. It's a party that is also a fight for LGBTQ equality in Mexico City.

If you plan to attend the 2024 LGBTQ Pride March in Mexico City, remember that MÁS has strategically located offices. We have locations at AICM, AIFA, and near the Angel of Independence that will help you easily get to the celebration.


2. The Open Doors of Puerto Vallarta


Puerto Vallarta is, without a doubt, the quintessential LGBTIQ+ destination in Mexico. This city is globally recognized for its openness and hospitality and has been a member of the prestigious International LGBTQ+ Travel Association (IGLTA) since 2013. The Romantic Zone, with its quaint streets and charming art galleries, is the beating heart of the gay community in Puerto Vallarta. Here you'll find countless bars, nightclubs, saunas, and restaurants that celebrate diversity and love without restrictions.


3. No Prejudice in Zipolite (Playa de los Muertos)


Zipolite is a small town on the Oaxacan coast that has become an extremely attractive destination for the LGBTQ+ community. This place, which in Zapotec means "Beach of the Dead," is characterized by its open and free atmosphere, where nudism is welcome.

To fully enjoy this unique experience, you can rent a car without a deposit with MÁS in Puerto Escondido and explore Zipolite at your own pace. Here, you'll find a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, where diversity is celebrated without prejudice. Let yourself be seduced by the crystal-clear waters, the spectacular sunsets, and the warmth of the local people.


4. Los Cabos: Nightlife for All


In addition to being renowned for its impressive beaches and nightlife, Los Cabos has also become an open and friendly destination. Here, there's a great vibe with bars and nightclubs like Squid Roe, where you can enjoy music and delicious drinks.

This destination, preferred by tourists from all over the world, offers a different experience from, for example, the Riviera Maya and Playa del Carmen. What's special about Los Cabos is its dynamic nightlife scene that invites endless fun.


5. Fun, Pride, and Resistance in Guadalajara


The so-called "Perla Tapatia" is another city that has a lot to offer the LGBTIQ+ community. In particular, the gay clubs in Guadalajara are a place where you can enjoy live music and fun without discrimination. Additionally, every year, the city also celebrates the LGBTQ Pride March as a symbol of resistance. It's no wonder: the influence of the gay rights struggles in San Francisco is very palpable in this city.


Live a More Authentic Experience


In summary, Mexico offers a variety of incredible destinations for the LGBTQ+ community: from the avant-garde Mexico City to the relaxed Zipolite. The best way to enjoy Pride Month is to rent a car with MÁS, where you'll find the most affordable rates and quality service.

Resolve all your frequent questions about how much it costs to rent a car and other details on our website. Book now with MÁS Rent A Car and live an unforgettable experience in Mexico's best LGBTQ+ destinations!