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How to get my invoice at MÁS Rent A Car?


Welcome back, traveler! If you're planning to rent a car with us, you're probably wondering how MÁS Rent A Car's official billing works. Don't worry, in this blog we will address all your concerns about it. Whether you booked online, through an intermediary, or directly at the counter, we will explain clearly and simply the billing procedures.


Get ready to enjoy your vacation in the best way possible and hassle-free! Keep reading and find out how to get your invoice easily and efficiently.


What is billed and how?


The procedure for invoicing with MÁS varies depending on the service and the time of your consumption. For example, additional services contracted upon arrival at the counter, such as prepaid gasoline or a baby seat, are billed right there at the counter. You just need to tell the sales agent that you want your invoice and provide your tax information.


On the other hand, if you prepaid your rental through intermediaries such as Expedia, Priceline,, etc., you will need to request your invoice directly from them. Keep in mind that many intermediaries are foreign corporations, so if they do not issue a Mexican tax invoice, you can declare this expense as a foreign expense.


Invoicing a reservation made at


When booking on our website, you can request your invoice by entering your payment details. At the time of processing your payment, select the option "I require a tax invoice," located below the card details section, and provide your tax information. You will receive your invoice in your email within 72 hours. Remember, you must request it at the time of booking, as there is no automated post-booking billing service.


Re-invoicing and modifications


If you need to correct any data, cancel, or change your invoice, send your request to the email Our team will attend to it as soon as possible. You must contact us quickly, as required by regulations, invoices are issued only in the month of purchase.


Don't hesitate any longer, book your car now!


We hope you now have a clearer idea of how billing works at MÁS Rent A Car. Remember that if you book on our website, you can easily request your invoice at the time of payment. Don't forget! If you still have doubts, feel free to contact us.


We want your rental experience to be as comfortable as possible. What are you waiting for? Keep browsing our website and book your car for your next dream vacation.