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Rent a car in Merida: Guide to explore the city



Are you looking for a new destination for your next vacation? Merida Yucatan is ideal for you! Here you will find Mayan culture, natural beauty, and warm hospitality. Look no further, this is the perfect place in Mexico!


In this blog, we talk about the options of the "Ciudad Blanca" and its surroundings. Also, we will show you how MÁS Rent A Car can make your experience even more amazing.


Getting to Merida Yucatan is very simple thanks to the International Airport. There you will find our MÁS Rent A Car rental service. Don't waste time, book a car in Merida and start your experience the best way! We have a wide range of economical cars and vans in Merida, cheap, and of excellent quality to meet all your transportation needs.


What to do in Merida Yucatan?


Merida Yucatan has something for all tastes and budgets. Here are some of the activities you can't miss on your trip:


  • Explore the Downtown. It houses colonial buildings of great beauty and importance, such as the Cathedral of San Ildefonso, the Municipal Palace, the Government Palace and the Canton Palace. You can also visit museums, art galleries, markets, and parks. Don't miss the sound and light show that projects on the facade of the cathedral every night.


  • Tour the Paseo de Montejo. It is the most iconic avenue in the city. It is bordered by majestic mansions that date from the 19th and early 20th centuries That is, the time when, thanks to the cultivation of henequen, Merida was one of the most prosperous cities in the country.

Some of these houses have been converted into museums, restaurants, hotels, and shops. We recommend taking the Turibus that travels this avenue and other areas of interest.


  • Discover the Mayan culture. Merida Yucatan is the perfect starting point to visit some of the most impressive archaeological zones in the world, such as Chichen Itza, Uxmal, Mayapan, and Kabah. You can admire the pyramids, temples, ball games, and astronomical observatories that testify to the splendor of this ancient civilization. You can also learn more about worldview and legacy at the Great Museum of the Mayan World.


  • Landscapes that will leave you breathless. You can refresh yourself in the cenotes, which are freshwater pools formed by the sinking of the limestone floor. Some of the most famous are the Cenote Xlacah, the Cenote Ik Kil and the Cenote Suytun. You can also observe the local flora and fauna in the ecological reserves, such as the Ria Celestun Biosphere Reserve, where hundreds of pink flamingos live.


  • Experience the delicious local cuisine. Merida is famous for its rich traditional cuisine, which combines Mayan, Spanish, and Arabic influences. Don't miss out on dishes like cochinita pibil, panuchos, salbutes, and the exquisite pollo a la pibil. Each bite is an explosion of authentic flavors that will delight your palate and immerse you in the culinary culture of the region.


  • Visit the “Pueblos Mágicos” . Near Merida, on the Yucatan Peninsula, there are some Pueblos Mágicos (magical towns) with colonial charm, crafts, and traditions that will captivate you. One of them is Izamal, known as the City of the Three Cultures for its combination of pre-Hispanic, colonial, and contemporary elements. Another is Valladolid, where you can admire its baroque architecture, its colorful streets, and its exquisite regional sweets.


Frequently asked questions about renting in Merida 


Do you have questions about how to get around the city? Here are some questions and tips about car rental in Merida:


  1. How much does it cost to rent a car in Merida? The average price of renting a car in Merida is between 500 and 1000 pesos per day for compact cars. However, keep in mind that the cost can vary by season and demand.


  1. What is the minimum age to rent a car in Merida with MÁS? The minimum age to rent a car is 18 years. But remember that there are NO additional charges for drivers under 25 years old.


  1. Where can I pick-up and return the rental car in Merida? MÁS Rent A Car has offices located at the International Airport, which facilitates the pick-up and return of your vehicle.


  1. Is it safe to drive in Merida Yucatan? Yes, Merida Yucatan is a safe city to drive. However, it is always advisable to respect traffic signs and driving rules to ensure your safety.


  1. Do I need insurance for the rental car? Yes, at MÁS Rent A Car we offer you two protections: MÁS Esencial which covers you with a 10% deductible. However, the most suitable insurance for your rental is MÁS Total. With this coverage, you will have a 0% deductible in case of damage or total theft and many more benefits.


  1. Can I travel outside of Merida with the rented car? Yes, you can travel outside of Merida as long as you stay within the territory of Mexico.


Ready for an unforgettable adventure?


Now that you know everything that awaits you in Merida, all that's left is to pack your bags and enjoy this magical, cultural and adventure-filled destination. Remember, with MÁS Rent A Car, you can easily rent a car and explore every corner of this wonderful city. Don't think twice, rent in Merida today. We look forward to seeing you!