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10 tips to enjoy a road trip in Mexico to the fullest.

Mexico is a vast, diverse and full of culture country, definitely the best way to travel it is renting a car, this allows you to have more freedom and proximity to the places you want to know, whether a route of beaches, mountains, cities or a little of everything, these tips will make your trip unforgettable. If roadtripping is your thing, here are 10 tips for you to get to know Mexico with your family or friends.


1.- Plan your route


The first thing you should do is to make a route of the destinations you want to visit and the days you have available, this will help you to calculate the time, expenses and distances. 


Remember that Mexico has 2 types of roads, we recommend you always travel on the toll road, as it is safer and in better conditions. Review the routes you will take each day and calculate the fuel you need, don't take any risks!


2.- Check your documents 


Remember that having a valid driver's license is an indispensable requirement to drive a vehicle throughout the country.


Also, to rent a car in Mexico, you will need your valid driver's license, passport or INE and a credit card. Verify that all your documents have the validity you need to travel and rent a car..


3.- Travel during the day


We recommend traveling during the day, since at night some sections of the road may not be very well lit and this may represent a risk. In addition, it is important that the driver or drivers have an optimal rest for the moments of driving. Renting with MÁS Rent a Car, your reservation includes additional drivers at no cost.


4.- Cash


Always carry cash, either to pay the toll booth fees, to make a purchase during the trip or for any emergency that may arise, since many establishments still do not have banking terminals.


 If you are a regular traveler, we recommend acquiring a road TAG to pay toll booths, you can recharge it in the application and it gives you a better estimate of the total cost of fees, plus there are exclusive passing lanes that can speed up your trip.


5.- GPS or internet access.


You can get or rent a GPS to visualize your travel route, or make sure you have one or more phones with wide  internet coverage to keep you always on the route, without setbacks. 


6.- Respect the signs


Always drive with caution and respect road signs. If you are not familiar with road signs or rules of the road, we invite you to check them before you start your trip. There are many signs that can improve your travel experience and even be of great help in case of any eventuality.


7.- Emergency numbers


Always carry the emergency and MÁS Rent a Car customer service numbers. Remember that in case of any eventuality you can contact these numbers to receive assistance. MÁS Rent a Car has 24/7 customer service and trained personnel to support and guide you at all times.


8.- Take what you need


Take with you what you need to avoid stops on the road, such as food, water, toilet paper, etc. This can save you time and money on your trip. Avoid carrying unnecessary luggage to reduce the weight in the vehicle and travel more safely. You can make a list of what you want to bring so you don't forget anything and can better visualize what you need for your trip.


9.- Traveling with children 


If you are traveling with children, you should be prepared with what you need for their entertainment, food and comfort. Remember that for them the travel experience is very different and you can make it an unforgettable trip. Children under 4 years of age must travel with a baby seat in the car. If you don't have one, you can add this additional service when you book your car online. Everyone's safety is important.


10.- Garbage


Always carry a bag with you to dispose of any garbage that may be generated during your trips. Remember that not all places have garbage cans and throwing it on the road is not an option. Respect the environment and the species that live there, do not throw cigarette butts on the road, you can cause a fire. 


Whether you decide to make a short road trip or venture on a multi-day travel route, these tips will definitely help you. Always remember to be a responsible traveler and travel safely. 


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