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What to do in Puerto Escondido? Check this out!

The beauty and diversity of Puerto Escondido will make your trip a unique experience, whether you are traveling with friends or family, here we tell you some activities you can do in this great place of the Mexican Pacific. Prepay your reservation with MÁS Rent a Car and start your trip with everything included, without worries and located directly at the Puerto Escondido International Airport. Here, we tell you some food from the area that you should try, as well as beaches and places that we recommend you visit to make your trip unforgettable.


Oaxaca's gastronomy is known worldwide for having a great flavor and diversity in its dishes, from the different types of moles, tlayudas, tamales, broths and the great diversity of ingredients in the area that includes a diversity of herbs, corn, insects, chilies, seafood and endless possibilities that are integrated reflecting the cultural richness of this area. Traveling to Puerto Escondido will definitely be an awakening of flavors and colors, do not limit yourself in trying and experimenting with the food and ingredients.




Without a doubt, Zicatela is a must on your trip, known worldwide by surf lovers for its incredible and risky wave tubes that can measure up to 6 meters. National and international competitions are held here year after year, as it is one of the best beaches to practice this sport. Zicatela is located just 17 minutes in car from the Puerto Escondido airport, and it’s a great place whether you practice sports and enjoy these waves or just watch and spend the day on the beach. You can also take some surf lessons for all the fans looking for a new experience.



El Adoquín

Known as an emblematic place in Puerto Escondido and also the main commercial street of the city. You can take a walk through this iconic place, and you will find handicrafts, typical food and a great atmosphere that definitely gets up at night with presentations by local artists and groups. You can enjoy a coffee at the street or even try some local delicacies or spend a fun night with your friends.




Just 16 minutes by car from the airport is Manialtepec, a magical mangrove swamp that during the day you can enjoy the morning with a tour of the lagoon to learn about the flora and fauna of the place and enjoy an afternoon on the nearby beaches where the lagoon flows and becomes one with the sea. If you want a magical experience, we recommend you also visit the lagoon at night since, when the waters shake, a bioluminescence effect is caused, and you cannot miss it. Any of the activities you do in Manialtepec, you will be delighted.




One of the closest beaches to the Puerto Escondido airport, just 6 minutes away by car, is Carrizalillo. Known for its calm waves, you can reach this emblematic place and appreciate a unique panoramic view and then enjoy an afternoon snorkeling, learning to surf or just enjoying the day delighted by the perfect relationship between beach and jungle. Carrizalillo is definitely a must stop on your visit, you will not regret spending a sunset with views that will take your breath away.



Mazunte and Zipolite

If you want to venture further, you can take a tour to Mazunte and Zipolite to the south of Oaxaca, approximately 55 km by car from Puerto Escondido you will find the magical town of Mazunte, known for the preservation and conservation of the sea turtle, which was in danger of extinction. You can visit the Mexican Turtle Center and learn more about the efforts that have been made around the issue. You can also enjoy a day learning to dive or snorkel, in addition to discovering the gastronomy of the area, and you can try dishes such as black mole and stone soup.


Just 15 minutes by car from Mazunte, you can go to Zipolite, a perfect stop for all those who are looking for a different experience, since it is the only official nudist beach in Mexico. If you travel to this emblematic place, we recommend you visit Playa del Amor, with transparent waters and calm waves, so you can be in contact with the ecosystem of the area. Spending a quiet day on the beach and having fun at night are definitely two things you can do in Zipolite.


You can get to these destinations and more by renting a car from Puerto Escondido with MÁS Rent a Car, with everything included, so you don't worry about a thing and can enjoy all these great places in Oaxaca without any setback. The best of Oaxaca gastronomy and unmissable beaches await you on your next trip with a car rental service distinguished for its quality and service.


Remember that booking a car is easier with MÁS Rent a Car and you can prepay directly on our website or by calling +52 (33) 4624 2114, where one of our agents will help you find the best option for your trip. We have locations in the best places, so you can get to know the wonders of Mexico and live a unique travel experience.


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