Privacy Policy

Our company has sustained its strong commitment to respect the privacy of all its customers, including the ones that perform their reservations online. We use the SSL 3.0 certificate in order to protect the data sent by your browser to our site and data base. The credit card registry is used only as a warranty of the reservation, reason why no charges will be made until you personally arrive to our front desk to pick up your vehicle, also the data are encrypted to assure your privacy when sending your reservation application online.

The simple operation of navigate through our site does not require to activate the security locks. Our security system is automatically activated when a transaction that sends and registers information into our data base is captured, such as an online reservation.

You may be confident that all of your personal information, including your name, email address, as well as your phone number and reservation information, will be kept in strict confidentiality and will not be provided to third parties (person or company) unless you expressly request it to us. This commitment includes all the information of your relatives, friends or any other person, shared with us by you at the moment of your contact or reservation.

This site has links with other sites and is not responsible of the privacy practices or content of such web sites. We use your IP Address and cookies to help diagnose our server behavior in order to properly manage our site.

Our company is also committed with your tranquility, and has deployed the strictest policies and procedures to warranty the security of your online operation and therefore wants to share important recommendations for a safe online shopping session:

  • Memorize your credit card number and security code. Avoid writing them on any kind of paper and DON'T share them with anyone. Avoid being observed at the moment you input your credit card data.
  • Never leave your computer alone, specially at Internet Cafes and/or public computers, when browsing through our site, someone might notice it, misuse your open session or check out your confidential information.
  • If you suspect that someone has stolen your credit card information contact your Bank or your Travel Agent immediately, or in case you notice any anomaly on your reservation.

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, best practices or any other information about this website, you may contact us at:

Más by Mex Rent a Car 
Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. 44500. 
Tel: +52 (33) 4170 8243.