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Más by Mex Rent a Car

For a long time, we have been by your side doing our best. That has allowed us to gain your trust and credibility to grow and get better each day, so we can offer you a higher level with comfort and security at the moment you need to rent a car in any city of Mexico. That’s why, considering our customer´s concerns, now we present you a new member of our family, called Mas by Mex Rent a Car, as an additional service besides the ones you know, with a unique purpose: Making easier the process of renting a car in Mexico through our website, with the same quality you are used to or the one you expect to find directly in our offices.

The difference is that now you can end the whole process from home!   

This time, we want to tell you what it is about and how it can help you if you are planning to take a trip to any city of Mexico, and get a comfortable, safe and accessible rented car.

What is Mas by Mex Rent a Car about?

Meeting our client’s demands, Mas by Mex Rent a Car is a platform that gives bigger facilities to rent a car in Mexico, so it won’t be a tedious process, due to the advantages you will get to know in following lines:

New improves of our services with Mas by Mex Rent a Car

You can pay online:

Nothing better than arriving to your destiny, taking the car you have rented and start your trip, either for pleasure or business, without thinking in payments or looking for your credit card. We know that, so now you can pay your car rental in Mexico using our website, with your MasterCard, VISA (and very soon, your American Express), which will be only needed for this transaction.

Now all-inclusive rate is available:

In every service, the “all-inclusive” is created to offer more comfort to customers, in Car Rental sector it also applies in order to combine renting with the most convenient insurance according to user´s necessities, which now is possible in Mas by Mex Rent a Car.

Once you pay, the system generates an electronic invoice:

Within our clients, business travelers are very important. Therefore, we included the electronic invoices for those who probably need a breakdown to present it to a company or business where they work in, or even to government entities related with tax payment, among others.

In such a way, you can rent a car with electronic invoice for your own convenience and service guarantee.


You can rent a car without a deposit (Available only for some cities in Mexico):

Frequently, the deposit use to be a problem for some clients which are not interested in spending more money than they want, especially if they have a limited budget. Thus, Mas by Mex Rent offers you the car rental with no deposit at all, in some of the most visited cities in Mexico, known for its great touristic attractions.

You also can rent a car without credit card:

Inside our sector, credit card seems to be mandatory. However, with us you only need it to pay through the website, so you won’t have to keep it at hand at the moment you arrive to our agency to pick up the car (In case you apply for the no deposit policy).

Who is this service designed for?

Mas by Mex Rent a Car wants to be the solution for frequent and business travelers. Likewise, for those tourists which are not familiarized with the car rental service in Mexico and still want to know many places in a comfortable and safe car, with their own schedule. 

Where is it available?

In Mexican cities (Some facilities are offered in coastal areas. Read below).

Is it an additional service of Mex Rent a Car?

It is a new product created for our customers, from the same family you already know.

Which vehicles are available for renting?

We offer you the same stock of vehicles, according to the place you are planning to visit.

In which cities can I rent a car without a deposit?

You won't have to pay any deposit in Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Cozumel, La Paz, Loreto, Los Cabos y Puerto Vallarta. Except for the following categories: Premium SUV (PFAR), Sport (XSAR), Sport Convertible (XTAR), Compact Convertible (CTAR), All Terrain (SJAR), Fullsize Van (FVMR, GVAR), Midsize SUV (IFAR), Standard SUV (SFAR), Luxury (LCAR) and Premium (PCAR).

Are there some additional requirements?

You can reserve using Mas by Mex Rent a Car with regular documents, but in this case you won’t need your credit card to pick up the car and pay a deposit in the mentioned cities.

As you can see, renting a car in Mexico is easier with this new platform. If you are interested, go to our website, choose the car you want, apply for all-inclusive rate and pay online. Once you reach to your destiny, you’ll have everything to drive around the gorgeous Mexican cities.