Cozumel Terms & Conditions


Once you arrive at the Cozumel International Airport, go to the airport exit where you will find the shuttle in blue with the Mex Rent A Car logo and our uniformed agent who will be waiting for you to indicate where to pick up your car. If you have any questions please call us at +52 33 4624 2114.


It is important to know the documentation that will be requested at the time of picking up your car:

  • Arrival plane ticket and departure flight confirmation (If applicable. Please check the Deposits section).
  • Official identification (INE or Passport).
  • Current driver's license.
  • Credit card.

The same credit card or the same cardholder cannot be used to rent two or more vehicles within the same period of time.

Your reservation will have a grace period of 2 hours after the confirmed time of arrival. After this time, we will not be able to guarantee the reserved unit, but you can be sure that we will do our best to offer you a mobility solution.

Early / Late Refund: The reserved rate applies only in the specified rental period. Returning the unit previously or subsequently is subject to an additional charge:

  • Early return: A one-time fee of $ 31.90 USD will be applied including taxes.
  • Late return: A one time fee of $ 38.28 USD including tax will apply.

If you need to extend your rent, please notify our reservation center at +52 33 4624 2114.

Multiple or Duplicate Reservations: If you need to rent multiple vehicles for the same period of dates, be sure to use different names for each reservation, otherwise, duplicate reservations will be automatically canceled. Más by Mex Rent a Car is not responsible for such cancellations. We remind you that the same credit card or the same cardholder cannot be used to rent two or more vehicles within the same period of time.


Your Más by Mex rate already has up to 2 additional drivers at no cost. Additional drivers must meet the same requirements as the primary driver. In case of requiring an additional third driver, it has a cost of $ 5.09 USD per day including taxes.


The minimum age to rent a car is 18 years old. If the driver is 18 to 24 years old, an additional amount of $ 12.76 USD per day will be charged including taxes.


For children under 4 years of age, it is required to travel in special seats. The Baby Seat has a cost of $ 7.64 USD per day including taxes. If the chair is not returned in the same conditions as it was granted, additional charges will apply for cleaning or restoration.


All cars must be returned with the same amount of gasoline with which it was delivered at the beginning of their rental to avoid charges for refilling gasoline. Ask our agents about the gasoline pre-payment option.


In case of crossing the border with the United States an additional charge will be applied. For more information about our protections in the United States (USI), ask our agents upon arrival. Option valid only for income originating in Mexico. Vehicles cannot cross the border with Guatemala and Belize.


Mileage is unlimited.


Más by Mex Rent a Car includes the following coverage in all the rates displayed on our website for offices in Mexico:

  • RLP + CT (Renter Liability Protection / Total Coverage): Coverage against damages caused to third parties / properties up to $ 750,000.00 MXN. Limit the driver's responsibility for the rental car to a deductible of 0% on the commercial value of the unit, in case of total loss or total theft. Partial theft, vandalism, or damage to parts or accessories are NOT covered. This coverage extends protection against damages to third parties to a maximum of $ 5,000,000.00 MXN. In addition, we include coverage for medical expenses in the event of an accident of up to $ 40,000.00 MXN per occupant or the total amount of passengers according to the characteristics of the car. Additional roadside assistance is granted for up to $ 5,000.00 MXN per incident. Benefits include flat tire change, emergency battery, locksmith service, and emergency fuel delivery.

You can select from the following additional protection options upon arrival. All of the following coverages are optional:

USI (United States Insurance): Extends third party damage coverage up to $ 50,000.00 USD and up to $ 10,000.00 USD in medical expenses, divided by the number of occupants in the event of an accident within the United States. USI has a cost of $ 10.20 USD per day including taxes.


You can pick up your car in one office and return it in another. A drop-off fee may apply. For more information ask our agents at the counter. Vehicles collected in Mexico cannot be returned in the United States and viceversa.


Accepted methods for rental payment on-line: Debit or Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard). Accepted methods for payments at the counter: Debit or Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard and American Express).


The deposit / authorization on credit card will be $ 1,500.00 MXN.

You can omit the deposit as long as you present your arrival plane ticket and departure flight confirmation. This "no deposit" option applies only to branches in Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Cozumel, La Paz, Loreto, Los Cabos and Puerto Vallarta. Except for the following categories: Premium SUV (PFAR), Sport (XSAR), Sport Convertible (XTAR), Compact Convertible (CTAR), All Terrain (SJAR), Fullsize Van (FVMR, GVAR), Midsize SUV (IFAR), Standard SUV (SFAR), Luxury (LCAR) and Premium (PCAR).

Accepted method for deposit at the counter: Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard and American Express). The credit card must have more than one year of use and must be personalized (with your name and signature).


Más by Mex Rent a Car reserves the right not to deliver the car if it considers that the driver is unable to drive or does not meet the established requirements, even in the event that the reservation has been pre-paid. Therefore, it is very important that you know the requirements that must be presented when picking up your vehicle. For more information please contact us at +52 33 4624 2114.


Due to the fluctuation of exchange rates, please note that the amount charged to your credit card may differ from the price quoted on our page. The difference (if any) will depend on the exchange rate during the period between the moment the reservation was made and the moment the payment is reflected in your credit card statement. Likewise, in the event that we must make a return to your account, we will refund the exact amount initially charged and we will not be responsible for any fluctuation that may result in a refund higher or lower than expected.


If your reservation was confirmed through the website or through our Reservations Center at +52 33 4624 2114, please use the same channel to cancel it. If your reservation is cancelled 10 days before the pick up date and time, you will receive the corresponding refund (Even if you have not contracted the Flex + Refund Insurance). Otherwise, no refund will apply. If you have contracted the Flex + Refund Insurance, you can request your refund up to 1 day before the date and time of collection (The cost of Flex insurance is not refundable at any time). By purchasing this insurance you can modify the dates of your reservation at no additional cost, you only have to cover the rate leveling fee. The cost of Flex insurance varies according to the class of car selected and the number of rental days. Refunds may be reflected on your statement for up to 15 business days.

Más by Mex Rent a Car reserves the right to not deliver the car if it considers that the driver is incapable of driving or does not meet the established requirements, even in the event that the reservation has been pre-paid, and it will be no refunds. If you reserve a promotional rate, it will not be possible to request a refund, however, you may modify your reservation to be able to use it at a later time, paying only the rate leveling fee. To identify if your rate is promotional, please check your confirmation or call us at +52 33 4624 2114 (Restrictions apply).

If your reservation was confirmed through a third party site (broker, online travel agency, etc.), please use the same channel to request your cancellation. Some third party sites have cancellation fees if the reservation is not canceled within a certain period of time prior to your rental. Más by Mex Rent a Car is not responsible for such cancellation charges. In case of modifying your reservation there will be an additional charge due to the tariff leveling. Please ask your service agent for the difference in your rate when making your change.


Your invoice will be issued automatically if you filled in the corresponding fields at the end of your reservation. If the invoice was not requested at the time of booking it could not be requested later on. In the event of extending your rent or hiring different services at the counter, the amount of these charges will be invoiced directly at our offices. For any doubt or clarification please send your email to